DEUTZ TCD 9.0 is the Diesel of the year 2018

The DEUTZ TCD 9.0 won the Diesel of the year 2018 award in reason of the innovations it features. 8 years after the awarding of the TCD 2.9, DEUTZ made it again, with a new and successful product. We believe it will have people talking for a long time…


As we already said when, in 2010, to be awarded was the TCD 2.9, to become Diesel of the year, an engine needs, first of all, to be innovative. The TCD 2.9, a 4-cylinder providing from 36.9 up to 55.9 kilowatts was innovative because of its compactness. But also for it relied on common rail injection, and on Egr, despite its dimensions. At that time, its technical solutions represented a novelty in DEUTZ’s product range. This year, at Intermat, it handed the baton to its successor, the TCD 9.0. It will join the V classics, as a pioneering in-line unit for heavy duty applications and machines working with above 150 kilowatts.


DEUTZ TCD 9.0 in the words of CEO Frank Hiller

Frank Hiller, CEO of DEUTZ, says: «The new engines are perfectly complementary to the current Deutz family, allowing us to expand the power range and possible applications».

From a technical point of view, the winning card of the 9 liters by DEUTZ is the size. A size of the only 4 cylinders in a range ruled by 6 cylinders and the 5 cylinders by Scania. This formula is a theme, but the TCD 9.0 coordinates are appealing, even more, looking at Stage V and downsizing.

For instance, the 9 liters should joint mobile machinery featuring short wheelbase and narrow wheel track. With 838 mm, the TCD 9.0 takes place just about 14 percent behind the average of the 5 liters on the market. The length is one meter (1,015 mm). We compare it to the Tier 4 Final-compliant engines in the 6.7 – 7-liter range. TCD 9.0 by DEUTZ is the narrowest engine block. The 9 liters engine delivers more than 25 percent above the average power and more than 30 percent torque. It features 300 kW at 1,900 rpm and 1,700 Nm at 1,200 rpm.


In this case, DEUTZ didn’t use exhaust gas recirculation. It’s a solution affected by Liebherr philosophy but could also be used on other small displacement units. EGR stays on the monoblock for unregulated countries but relieves the end user from the burden of the after-treatment.

Intermat opening day, at 5 pm, the DEUTZ stand has been the theater for the awarding of the prestigious prize. In the role of masters of ceremony, the editorial staff of Diesel and Diesel-international. Representing Deutz, two prominent spokesmen joined the stage. The CEO Frank Hiller and Michael Wellenzohn, head of Sales, Marketing, and Service, have taken the plate with the Doty header. Following, an excerpt of the interventions that accompanied the award ceremony.

Time for speeches

«Innovation is the keyword of the Diesel of the year», says Fabio Butturi, editorial manager of DIESEL and Dieselweb. «In the language of propulsion for industrial applications, it can mean efficiency, power density, emissions regulations compliance, specific performance, and much much more. So, what does innovation mean in the language of the DEUTZ Tcd 9.0?», asks Butturi.

«First, a 9-liter 4-cylinder engine sounds absolutely unusual. Just like the 2.9 and the 3.6 liters DEUTZ engines that opened the new compact engine season 8 years ago. Second, 9-liters is a range where Deutz is a pioneer of the German internal combustion school. The third point, a crucial point, is focused on dimensions. Call it power density, call it compactness, call it layout optimization. For all OEMs, the size of the engine compartment is a pure obsession. And how did Deutz answer this question, from the world of machinery manufacturers? According to Diesel Magazine data sheets, the depth is comparable to that of a 5-liter engine. The length is in the range of 6.7 liters».


Diesel of the year and the Liebherr connection

Frank Hiller and Michael Wellenzohn welcomed the award of the prize to their creature. «Thank you for joining us here in Paris. Diesel Magazine has named the DEUTZ Tcd 9.0 as the Diesel of the year 2018, and we are very proud of it. We are honored to be given the Diesel award for this year because it demonstrates the good design and the performances of this engine», says Hiller before switching the microphone to Wellenzohn.

«This engine has already received a lot of attention from the market and from customers side. As you said, a 4-cylinder 9-liter, 300-kilowatt engine is nothing usual, and the benefit out of it is clear, it is the package. What matters is the structure of the post-treatment system, which has become a key factor, and a lot of applications can benefit from it», says Wellenzohn.

«We are very proud that we could extend the product family from 9 to 13.5 liters. Not forgetting to mention that this comes out of our very successful engine collaboration with Liebherr. So, jointly we could define and develop this technology, and industrialize it. I think this product lineup will give us a lot of opportunities in our field of off-road. Our sales team, which is joining us here today, is on the way to promote it on the market, to make this family of engines successful».

Bottom a flashback from Bauma 2010. TCD 2.9 is consecrated as Diesel of the Year 2010.

Deutz TCD9.0

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