Deutz TCD9.0, introduced at Bauma China, is the Diesel of the year 2018. It will join the V classics, as a pioneering in-line unit for heavy duty applications and machines working with above 150 kilowatts. The TCD9.0 will be awarded at the Intermat event in Paris, in continuity with its presentation at Bauma. It’s in continuity also with the victory of its predecessor, the TCD2.2, eight years ago at Bauma Munich.

Deutz TCD9.0 is for every application

Deutz’s brand is active in all of the three main fields of the industrial free market, earthmoving, agricultural and power generation. It has become th most dynamic player of the European free market, since Volvo left its shares. Some examples? The segmentation of the engine range and the gasification of the 3.6 liters along with Same Deutz-Fahr. The LPG on the 725 cc cylinder displacement and the acquisition of Torqueedo to push on electrification. The 9-liter has never been a priority in the German engine philosophy, usually prone to displacements such as 10.5 liters.

Deutz TCD9.0. The first German 9 liters

Among the protagonists of the transition to Tier 3 we find the Americans – Caterpillar, Cummins and John Deere. In Europe the Swedes, with the odd Scania and the 6 in line by Volvo, and Fpt Industrial (once Iveco Motors). Currently in this range we find the new D1556 by Man and its twin by Liebherr. Moreover, to fill the gap in the range above 4 liters displament, Deutz has found an agreement with Liebherr for a quartet that includes the 9, 12, 13.5 and 18 liters in the range from 200 to 620 kW. This means even more continuity with 2017, when Liebherr’s D9812 was awarded.

Gebhard Schwarz, Managing Director of Liebherr-Component Technologies, stated «thanks to its worldwide distribution network and its comprehensive service opportunities, Deutz can reach new potential users with the engines resulting from this collaboration».

Deutz TCD9.0 in the words of Frank Hiller

Frank Hiller, President of Deutz, says: «The new engines that are the result of this cooperation are perfectly complementary to the current Deutz family, allowing us to expand the power range and possible applications».

From a technical point of view, the winning card of the 9 liters by Deutz is the size. A size of the only 4 cylinders in a range ruled by 6 cylinders and the 5 cylinders by Scania. This formula is a theme, but the TCD9.0 coordinates are appealing even more looking at Stage V and downsizing.

For instance, the 9 liters should joint mobile machinery featuring short wheelbase and narrow wheel track. At 838 mm the TCD9.0 takes place just about 14 percent behind the average of the 5 liters on the market. The length is one meter (1,015 mm). We compare it to the Tier 4 Final compliant engines in the 6.7 – 7 liter range. TCD9.0 by Deutz is the narrowest engine block. The 9 liters engine delivers more than 25 percent above the average power and more than 30 percent torque. It features 300 kW at 1,900 rpm and 1,700 Nm at 1,200 rpm.


In this case, Deutz didn’t use exhaust gas recirculation. It’s a solution affected by Liebherr phylosophy but could also be used on other small displacement units. EGR stays on the monoblock for unregulated countries, but relieves the end user from the burden of the after-treatment.

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