Liebherr D9812 ECU

D9812 ECU. Liebherr is able to take care of all the vital organs of a motor. Starting from heart (the monoblock), continuing with blood vessels and blood pressure (common rail) and also synapses and the brain, in order to handle the whole process in the best way and keep everything monitored from the beginning to the end. The brain is the electronic control unit.


In-house engine control units

In addition to diesel and gas engines as well as injection systems, Liebherr manufactures and develops in-house engine control units. The production started in 2012. These control units ensure optimal control of the injection system for reliable engine operation. Furthermore, they take care of monitoring and regulation of diverse systems for exhaust gas aftertreatment. An interface for direct control of SCR or SCRFilter system allows a combined regulation of engine and exhaust gas treatment with just one engine control unit.

A vast experience in heavy machinery operation flows into these components, ensuring that engine control units perform reliably even under challenging environmental conditions, which is underlined by a IP6K9K rating with connected cable harness. They master extreme operating temperatures from -40 °C up to +125 °C. Thus, the control units also qualify for safe operation in restricted space with low airflow and strong heat generation, thanks to fuel or liquid cooling. They are suitable for direct mount on the engine. Standardized communication interfaces allow easy integration. In tough industries like mining, construction and maritime, several engines worldwide rely on Liebherr engine control units.


The engine control units enable the fulfillment of various emission regulations, e.g. EU Stage IV/V, Euro V/VI and EPA Tier 4f. Furthermore, they meet the functional safety requirements of function chains according to international safety standards. Integrated self-diagnosis facilitates maintenance as the control units check themselves to ensure safe operation.

Diesel and stationary gas engines up to 8 cylinders are controlled by ECU2. In cascaded use, the ECU2 controls up to 16 cylinders.

The extremely robust ECU2-HD is rated IP6K9K either with connected or disconnected cable harness. The control unit is suitable for diesel and stationary gas engines with up to 12 cylinders or up to 20 cylinders in cascaded use.

The ECU3 is designed for 6-cylinder diesel and mobile gas engines. Due to the compact casing, the ECU3 requires little installation space.



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