D9508 and BiG X880. The BiG X 880 manufactured by Krone is not only enhanced by a brand new cab lift. The big news showcased at Agritechnica 2017 is not the only selling point of the latest forage harvester released by Krone. The other strong aspect is the Liebherr engine, underlining Krone’s confidence in its supplier. Of course, like the BiG X 680/780 models, the BiG X 880 engine will be Stage V compliant. In this case, the forage harvester is moved by a D9508 diesel engine.

Liebherr looking over the fence

Eight cylinders with 16.16 liters-displacement. A power range that stretches from 505 to 660 kW. with a maximum torque of over 3,700 Newtonmeters. This is the identity card of Liebherr D9508, a 1,692 x 1,112 x 1,350 mm engine with a median dry weight of 1,600 kilos. Krone’s trust in Liebherr by integrating its engine into its latest forage harvester is a confirmation of Liebherr commitment in approaching the free market, progressively increasing its market share in an effort to go beyond the successes achieved in earth-moving field. Last but not least, another strong selling point: the engine oil , its filters and fuel filters only need to be changed after 1,000 operating hours. Liebherr markets its D9508for every emission standard from a fuel optimized version to EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 according to the specific values and OEMs requirements.



D9508. Character for big targets

Liebherr diesel engine D9508 is one step beyond the top of the V architecture family for agriculture, in which the 12-cylinder D9512 with over 24 liters’ displacement is the ‘top player’.

Liebherr and Krone

A liaison, as the French use to say, between the two protagonists of mechanization fitted to big applications. Some words about Krone BiG X 880.

At the touch of a button inside the cab, the operator can raise up the entire cab by 70cm on a hydraulic scissor lift. This gives him a perfect view out over the crop and of the trailer driving alongside and is also very handy when opening up the field. Another convenient feature: raising the cab moves it further away from the chopping assembly, which impacts positively on the noise level in the cab.

Besides a good overview, this redesigned Krone cab also provides an excellent all-round view, as it now comes with 360° multiple wipers. There are three windscreen wipers on the curved front windscreen, one on each side and one on the rear windscreen. This guarantees the operator a 360° all-round view of the machine and the headers even in poor visibility conditions such as rain and dust.

The new BiG X 880 also earns brownie points for comfort and flexibility with its new multi-tank concept. As customers around the world have different requirements for filling capacities (diesel, silage, water and DEF), the customer can choose the tank concept that’s right for him from seven different variants, thus maximizing filling capacities for long working days without stopping to refill.


Liebherr Diesel of the year 2017


And… don’t forget! Liebherr is still the ‘defending’ Diesel of the year. During 2017 we scanned every figures, every details and every application of Liebherr D9812.



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