At Conexpo Liebherr unveiled two new in-line 6 cylinder diesel engines compliant with Stage V regulations, D956 and D966. They provide from 320 to 400 kilowatts and 360 to 450 kilowatts, respectively. Liebherr Components has been improving the technical proposal for Stage V starting from the low entry (7-liter diesel engine) to the top (D98XX). The D956 and D966 cover the range between 12 and 13.5 liter engines. The first goal thereby is to respect the ‘keyword’ of the power density.

D956 and D966 emission limits strategy

The D956 and D966 approach to the emission limits is modular. Using the same engine block the two 6 cylinder diesel engines can comply with the low regulated markets and the high regulated markets, as well. They can be equipped with the Liebherr systems SCRFilter for Stage V, SCRonly for Tier 4f and exhaust gas recirculation for Stage IIIA.

The second ‘keyword’ is TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). How to reach this goal? For instance, by simplifying maintenance and service activities. A significant OEMs need is to be flexible and to reduce the stock codes. The D956 and the D966 with the displacements of 12 and 13.5 litres respectively share almost the same physical dimensions and connections. OEMs thereby benefit not only from the uniform interface for machine integration, but also from common service points and spare parts. Furthermore, a new design for crank case ventilation will contribute to even longer service intervals. A 12 liter engine challenges a wide range of competitors, 13.5 stands in a niche where Deutz will come up due to the cooperation with Liebherr.

D956 and D966 system integration

Three auxiliary outputs in the standard configuration with an output torque of up to 700 Nm allow a wider variety of potential applications. Both engines are characterised by their high level of system integration: both the ECU3 engine control unit and the latest generation of the Common-Rail system 11.2 are Liebherr’s own development.

Liebherr D9812 Diesel of the year 2017

Liebherr is awarded with the Diesel of the year 2017. The company received the prize at Samoter Verona. The D9812 is a 62-liter diesel engine with the maximum power output of 2,700 kW and 15,000 Nm designed as a mining engine and candidate for several applications, such as power generation (Kohler-SDMO).

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